Photography with a Focus on Australian Images

The photographic work of James Palmer


James Palmer

I grew up in country Queensland, surrounded by the spectacular central highlands and outback scenery. I grew to love the great outdoors and even now while living in Perth regularly go bush to find new scenery to feature in my photography.

The Photography

The verb focus, is synonymous with lenses. As a noun, focus suggests "the centre of interest or activity." Australia when referred to informally is Oz, the nickname a play on the pronunciation of the first 3 letters. The domain name wraps up these ideas, viz. Photography with a focus on Australian images.

My current choice is a Nikon DSLR system. The camera body is a D610. For me, my current choice is a Nikon DSLR system. The camera body is a D610. Price was a driver originally, but also what I was doing with the images. For me, displaying them on a large monitor or with a projector was it. Opting to sell images may alter my choice as sensor resolution increases. To my eye, the image quality is satisfactory for the present.

Photos for Marketing

Have you considered the use of photos for Marketing? Why not use photos simply to add color or a theme to a business or personal website?

Photos may be used to create YouTube slideshows and videos. Modern marketing utilises digital photos in many attention grabbing ways.